Unknown Space Privacy Policy

Unknown Space respects users' privacy. Unknown Space collects user information when users register with Unknown Space or use any Unknown Space services. Unknown Space may collect information via cookie planted in your computer. The purpose of collecting user information is to customize services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Unknown Space conducts research based on collected information constantly to understand users' need. Unknown Space may share its research findings with other trusted parties. Advertisements of Unknown Space may be displayed based on user profile such as young male professionals. However, Unknown Space will not disclose any personally identifiable information including name, birthday and IP addresses, or any information that may be reasonably expected to lead to identification of a specific user, with any other third party unless:
(a) we are required by law enforcement agencies, subpoenas, court orders to do so, or
(b) we believe that it is necessary to share the information with investigation agencies to take action against illegal activities, or
(c) users agree to do so, or
(d) we are acquired by other parties. We will notice you the acquirer's privacy policy if we are acquired.